Sicko, mysore, more headstand

I spent the day at home with Zoë today, the poor thing a stomach bug yesterday and although her tummy had settled today, she needed another day to get her strength back.

By lunchtime she had eaten well and was herself so I asked my Ashtanga teacher (this guy) if I could bring her to Mysore today, and he was (as always) understanding and said to go ahead. She was more than happy to have some quality time with my iPhone, and I was glad too since I know I won’t get another chance this week…it is that kinda week! She was great…quiet and cute and charming!

Practice was great as always, but I was a bit distracted by her, and tired in general (having a sick kid is no fun!). By the time I got to headstand I was D.O.N.E. done! I flipped right over on my first attempt and then my teacher assisted me. He had me pull my ribs in and hips up…it was hard work and I got a sharp pain in my neck in pike and had to go down.

I was unsure if I should even try my November Headstand For The Blog today, but decided to go for it, and to videotape it today (not sure why since I didn’t think I’d even get up…maybe I thought a blooper video would be fun!).

I guess he taught me something that stuck with me thought…I got up easily into what was probably my straightest, stillest headstand yet (I felt almost weightless, really, it felt almost easy to stay up there…until I started lowering, that is), and also into one if my lowest pikes yet. Lifting back up was a bit wobbly and short-lived but still, definite progress!


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