Scorpion, sorta

I watched someone do a really lovely Scorpion in Yoga class this morning, and realized I haven’t even attempted this feat in months. Even so, I guess I am building a better sense of balance and more strength, because I held it from the wall for the longest ever (which, you will notice, was not long). My attempt to drop down gracefully was a big fat fail…but still…I am pleased with my progress:

Here is today’s not so straight, photo-bombed headstand:


P.S. if you have wondered why I edit my videos and add music (since they are sorta crappy and not worth editing)…it is to drown out my kid’s non-stop fighting! I also had to crop out a revealing wardrobe malfunction today…I figure if I am gonna crop them and add music, I may as well have fun with titles! I use splice for this!


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