You can go back.

Today I went somewhere I haven’t been in a really long time, I went back to Spynga! A few weeks ago I bought some class passes there, thinking I might like to spin again now that I’m not running, but I have not used them yet. Today I took a vacation day, because I had traffic court in the morning and was not sure how long it would take. When I realized that I would definitely be done mid-morning, I decided to try out a brand new class at Spynga North. The class was an Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa class. Obviously, it had me at Ashtanga!!! The teacher was Adam Bolton of The Drishti Yoga Centre, who teaches at the unit, where I am practicing Mysore. I’ve heard he is very good, and was excited!

The class was amazing! It was not traditional Ashtanga, not even really non-traditional Ashtanga. It was very much a Vinyasa class. But it was a very good one! He is an excellent teacher, the practice was amazing from setting our intention through to a perfectly led shevasana. The class itself kicked my ass. Mostly standing postures, some fun arm balances, and plenty of Vinyasas…he was tough and at one point I actually considered begging for mercy. He was great though, he really seemed to recognize what my strengths and challenges (and sore spots, hello hips and outer thighs I’m talking to you) were, and provided very good direction and adjustment.

I hope the class builds a reputation, because I really want it to stay. Obviously, a lunchtime class on Monday is not something I can always do, but it is something I can sometimes do. He also teaches a barre class there…which I admit I am fearful of.

Spynga was lovely as always. Sweet staff, very clean. They renovated abut and added a second studio room…the place looks great and it was fun to be back!




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