Yesterday not only did I go back, I also went forward to try something new!

I went to this class. I have been wanting to try a martial arts type workout class for a while…I even bought some a year or so ago, but the right time never came to go to those classes. Last week, when I saw a 10 classes for $19 deal at a place close to home, I decided to go for it! A friend also bought the classes, and then immediately started harassing gently encouraging me to go with her. So we went last night!
It was a lot of fun. We started out with a warm up with was running around the room with different strides for about 10 minutes. I forgot how great it feels to run! Then we did some stretches, then some punching and kicking (in different combinations and speeds) then some sore and ab work, and then a cool down stretch. I was, obviously, unfamiliar with the punching and kicking and lost  my coordination a lot, but it was fun and felt like a good work-out.  The warm up and cool down were pretty familiar to me, and effective.  The teacher (who is awesome strong and fast! A martial arts dude) was friendly and encouraging, and it was a nice group in the class..mostly middle aged woman like myself.  I don’t know that I’d say I loved it or it is something I would get “into” and continue, but I certainly will enjoy doing something new for the next few weeks or months (depending on the rest of my schedule) while I finish the 10 classes I bought.  I think if I really wanted to do something martial arts long term, I would rather do actual martial arts classes (like Karate or Taekwondo).


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