Spin baby spin

Today I went to my first spin class since March. I was a bit nervous that after not spinning for so long, I’d lost my ability and would not be able to keep up, or would have a repeat of my first spin class ever. I know, I’ve kept fit…but I was for then too (it was just a week after I ran a 10k)…and I don’t do much dedicated cardio these days. Hop on the elliptical 30-40 (sometimes only 20!) minutes a few times a week.

Fear not, I did just fine and it felt like I’d never left the bike…except my crotch, which will have to get re-accustomed to the kicked-repeatedly-with-a-steel-toed-boot feeling. I was really pleased to have not had any problems endurance wise though…mostly because I know that if I can spin I can run and even though I continue to enjoy my break from running I also plan to start again in the spring (strongly considering only doing 5-10ks for the 2013 season though) and am glad to still have my cardiovascular endurance. Also, spinning is fun. I’d forgotten how fun!

The second half of the class was yoga. Now that I’m accustomed to Ashtanga and higher level dedicated yoga classes …the half hour post-spin-practice felt more like a sample than a practice. A few down dogs and cobras (no full sun salutations though), lots of planks and lunges, and a schevasana. That’s not to say it was easy…it wasn’t…using proper form makes every pose feel like work and planks and lunges are always tough…but it was boring. I love a practice that has poses that are new to me, or that I’m struggling with, or that I’ve just learned. A more familiar practice is still hard physically…but mentally and emotionally it no longer engages me (except sun salutations. I love those. No matter how many I do the flow always feels so good. I often do a few in the morning to wake myself up). Oh well…at least I got a good stretch. I practiced at home for a while tonight too. Ahhh….


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