Feeling hot hot hot

Remember this? Then this? This too?

Well, tonight I did it again. 75 minutes HOT yoga, at a new studio, Moksha Thornhill (Moksha is very popular and not new…but the Thornhill studio is new). I’ve done heated classes at my old studio (Yoga Tree Thornhill….which closed…sob)…but it was around 85 degrees. This was 102…hottest I’ve done ever (Hot Wellness was around 97). I was okay through most of the class…but at one point the heat (or maybe sweating?) got too intense, I almost threw up and had to take some time in child’s pose.

My opinion of hot yoga hasn’t changed. The class was fine…but without the heat it would have been a solid…but accessible…practice. There were no super challenging poses, nothing I felt like I had to really work on (except the heat) I would have been a tad bored without the heat. Maybe that’s the point?!? Moving past the Asanas to the heat??? The class I did was power flow, Btw…it was (to the best of my recollection) cat cow,  5 sun salutation A, 3 sun salutation B, forward bends, warriors A and B, reverse warrior, side angle, triangle, reverse triangle, pyramid, warrior 3, half moon, eagle, dancer, chair, twisted prayer, pigeon, locust, camel, bridge, wheel, boat, shoulder stand, happy baby, supine twist and Schevasana…with a few sun salutations between the poses. So, a good solid practice with a bit of everything!!!

I bought some class passes to this place because my old studio closed so I figured I might as well just go for it. I’ll try a variety of the hot classes probably (when there is no other class I’d rather take elsewhere, I go to a few places now)…just to challenge myself with the heat…but once the non-heated room fills with classes (right now they have only a few non-heated classes a week) I’m sure I’ll do those more. I think someone needs to invent chilled yoga! I’d be down with that!

It was a lovely space. A really nice gibr to the studio, and the instructor (who is also the owner) was really great. Nice staff and clientele too! If they bump up the not-hot classes…I may just have a sweet new yoga home!


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