Money well spent?

Except for the miraculous day I led yoga at Lululemon and was given my choice if tanks at the store, my Lululemon tanks have always been chosen based on what is available on the clearance rack in my size.

Yesterday, I decided to hit Lulu with some gift cards from my mom and Adam in hand and buy a brand new tank, since most my old ones are too big on my now and look awful.

Unfortunately, my favorite style, the Power Y, had been resigned with Luon Light, as opposed to the original Luon. As soon as I tried one on, I knew it would not work for me. Gone was the flattering shape of the old tanks, replaced by a tank that was so thin it was almost see thru, showed every bump and lump (even my navel ring could be detected through the fabric) and had straps so loose feeling that they felt like they were falling off. A size smaller did not help…unless I was planning to flash nipples in class.

So I asked for help.  Several of the new styles have high necks…not for me. I like to be as cool as possible in yoga and just the thought of having my chest covered makes me want to vomit.

The Back Burner was almost right…but the 10 seemed a tad too big in the bodice and the 8 was a tad too small in the chest. Sigh.

The Back on Track is like nothing I’ve worn before. A tight bra style chest and loose flowy bodice (with a drawstring to tighten). I never would have considered it had the sales associate not recommended it. But I did and fell in love! Great that the bodice is meant to be loose instead of fitted, since I did not have the “too big bodice if the chest is big enough” issue, and the 10 was perfect all over. The bodice is so cool and comfy and the bra is firm and supportive. I could almost wear it without my own bra underneath. Almost.

It is made for running but I was assured it is great for yoga and the drawstring makes it so it won’t flip up during inversions.

I tested it out today in a Led Primary Ashtanga class.

Cool and comfy and everything (top, body parts) stayed where it should.


At 64$, before taxes, it should be!



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