So, in January

After my grain free month in March, I have been eating reduces grains and almost no wheat…which has had a positive effect on my weight and digestive system (I have also been less headachy and not had Tonsillitis in that entire time, no clue if it is related though).

The last few weeks I have been more and more lenient…I had pizza for dinner Friday night (3 slices!). Fine…it is the holidays, I’m very busy and overwhelmed right now,  it won’t kill me, and if I gain a few pounds, I’ll live. Interestingly,  have noticed I have been having more headaches again…and my throat has been scratchy (I haven’t gotten sick…but I have gotten the way I get when I know I will get sick without ODing on Oil of Oregano and gargling Hydrogen Peroxide a few times a day. Again, no idea of it is related…but I suspect it is.  Odd that my tonsil issues seem to go away when I went off  dairy (which I am back on, full fledged!) and again when I went off grains. I am thinking what we eat (even when we are eating “healthy” and we have no obvious allergies) tend to affect us way more than we realize. Except naturopaths. They knew all along!

Anyways, I am letting myself indulge a bit now…but I want to get back on track soon, so I think I’ll re-set myself with a full grain free month in January. No wheat, rice, oats, etc…etc.

Anyone wanna join me, or do your own January challenge?


4 thoughts on “So, in January

  1. i’ll try it. i need to make some changes and grain free souds like a good start :)
    do bran buds count as grains??? I love them and eat them every morning with my yogurt..

    • Dee last time I did no bran or anything considered a “grain”. But you should do whatever makes sense for you. I may allow oats this time around but cut out wheat and rice. Whatever you do, eliminating a food group (and one that has a lot of empty calories) seems to really help get one more mindful about eating and as I said even though I didn’t stay 100% grain free (nor do I want to) the weight I lost and healthier habits I formed in my grain free month lasted me from March until now. Heck…even last night I only had a small bite of Challah and no noodle kugel (which I used to love but didn’t even miss). I did overdo the (baked by me) latkes though!!!

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