Stuck. Really.

So today I decided to fit in some practice at home, since the day’s activities kept me from a class.

I went to Supta Kurmasana, where I finish in Mysore…and then decided to try Garbha Pindasana, which we (some of us) do in the Led Full Primary Class I take on Saturdays (it is the next pose after Supta K) and so I’ve been trying it halfheartedly for a while…and even sorta did it in an oily soapy bath the other night. Yesterday my teacher sprayed me with water and we tried…but it wasn’t gonna happen.

So in my usual obsessive fashion I decided I would make it happen today.

Okay then. I lubed myself up (just water. maybe KY next time?!?) and got this far:

Which was progress for me. Both hands were through my lotus…so of course I made Zoe take a picture. Then I realized my arms really hurt…and there was no way in hell I could move them further (to the elbow to bend, like in the pics I linked above) and that I should probably get myself out of what I’d gotten into because damn…it hurt!

Unfortunately, my left ankle was stuck on my right arm so I couldn’t get myself out of it! I had to call Adam to untangle me! Of course, he looked down at me laughing a d asked what I would do if he didn’t help me before he obliged.

He saved me, but he may never let me live it down!


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