Music to practice by

When I first started practicing yoga at home, it was because I realized that practicing in classes was just not enough for me. At that time I was still going to Spynga, and practicing a few times a week there. Many of the classes were very basic though, more of an after-spin-stretch than an actual yoga practice. I quickly realized how much I loved yoga, and wanted more of it. I knew that I wanted to go further in my yoga practice, and unless I left Spynga (but for where?) I was on my own.

So a few times a week, I would do some sun salutations and warriors, do whatever poses I like, and to then take schevasana, and then be done. It amazed me how quickly I would get through it, I would feel like I had done everything I did in a half hour class, but only 12 minutes had passed!

That was okay though, that was how I practiced many of the poses that I really wanted to learn, and was not getting enough practice with in my classes. Had I not done that with Bakasana, I probably would still be plunking forward on my nose!

When I joined Yoga Tree, my home practice also expanded. Even though I was now attending a lot more yoga classes, and classes that were frankly, higher quality, I still wanted to work on my own and improve at home. By this point I had got an a better sense of how classes were arranged, and although I still followed the same basic premise of sun salutations, standing poses, poses I like to work on, and schevasana…it was now lasting me a good 30 minutes or so. A very reasonable home practice for days I could not attend a class.

Then I started practicing Ashtanga, and there were many poses there that challenged me, twists and binds that I had never tried or seen before. So of course I had to work on them at home. When I started Ashtanga I was only doing 1 to 2 devoted Ashtanga classes a week, after all. Many of poses we were working on we never worked on in any of the other classes I was attending.

My Ashtanga home practice started out the same as my others, basically doing what I had been doing, but throwing in Janu Sirsasanas and Marichyasanas at the end.

Eventually my home practice became almost entirely Ashtanga, although I was still not true to the classes I was taking. I was lazy, and limited in time, so I would do my sun salutations, go through most of the poses but skip some of the ones I really didn’t like (Janu Sirsasana B, I am looking right at you. I do not like having my heel up my junk thankyouverymuch) and also skip some of the vinyasas, so it usually took me about 30 to 40 minutes. I called it “Ashtanga express”.

Once I started practicing Mysore, I realized that to truly grow my practice, I have to do it properly. Now, when I practice at home, I practice exact same sequence that I do in my classes. Sometimes I do throw on a couple other things at the very end, just to play around (and sometimes it is a bad idea…because I get into something I cannot get out of), but I mostly remain true to my practice.

There is one area that I am not there though. It’s music. In Ashtanga classes there is never music. Just the sound of breath, and the teacher directing (or whispering in Mysore) and the occasional burst of laughter because…well…some of it is funny!

But at home I need music to practice. I’ve tried without. Doesn’t work. Kids are loud. TV is loud. I cannot focus.

Even though I like “yoga music” in classes (Hatha not Ashtanga) I don’t know how to find it. I don’t even know what it is? Is it music made for Yoga? Is it from India? Do monks sing it? Do they play it in the clubs?

So I practice to modern music that sets the right pace and tone for me.

The purpose of this post?


Ps Wicked Game is Chris Isaac. Not the new song of the same name by The Weeknd. I like that one too…but it says “motherf*cking” a lot…not nice for yoga!!!


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