After loving the Back on Track top, I decided to invest in a similar style top with the remainder of my Lululemon gift cards, since the fitted tops no longer work for me…they are all too small on the chest in an 8, too big in the bodice in a 10.

So, I went for the No Limits tank. The only color I sorta liked that was in my size was white. I was actually surprised that it looked okay on me. I would have expected to look like a marshmallow…but it was fine. The neck is a bit higher than in the Back on Track and I could probably wear it without a bra…but it looks nicer with one. I wore it to practice last night. I liked it well enough and it was cool and comfortable…but I did find the waist band moved around a lot more than in the Back on Track (I guess since it was not adjustable..and it was a size 10 when my hips are more an 8. I presume if I got in the 8…the waist would have stayed put). Luckily, there was no headstand in the class, so it was not an issue. I just felt it sliding a bit in down dog. Perhaps I will save it for non-Ashtanga classes (since Ashtanga always has headstand as it is a part of the closing sequence, and the majority of non-Ashtanga classes I attend do not do headstand). Of course since I have sports bra under and only my tummy would show it is not a huge deal if it slides down…but I would rather it not!

Although I do love my two new tops, I hope Lulu comes out with a fitted top I like again soon.



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