I’ve been eating so badly

January will be a joy!

Last night I had 3 families over for dinner. I served snacks (veggies, tortilla chips, rice crackers, and dips) and ate way too many chips. I also ordered piles of (mostly) veggie Chinese dishes and ate way more rice and noodles than I’ve had since March. Add the treats and cookies I’ve had at the office recently and the pizza I picked at tonight…it is not a good scene!

Luckily New Years is only a week away and I’ll get back on track then!

Talking about last night, we had a great time! I invited 4 families to dinner, assuming that maybe one or two of them would actually be able to come. Even Jewish people often have plans with family Nd friends on Christmas Eve, it is so boring otherwise. Turns out three families of 4 came…so that was 18 people!!

I’m so glad we did it though. We don’t get together with other families enough, and we should. The problem is our house is small and a disaster so I never like to invite (even though I do enjoy entertaining in general, just not in our house)….so we always wait until we are invited somewhere which is not enough (and that is probably partly because we never invite here) for my taste…I’d love to get together with other families a few times a month! But 18 people here was fine, the kids filled up on snacks before dinner came and never sat anywhere anyways. Of course we did buffet style.

Hopefully our friends weren’t all talking about our shitty house afterwards. It was clean enough (lived in but not a mess) but the kitchen cabinets are taped together!


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