My first Moksha

Today I tried my first ever “Moksha” class at Moksha Thornhill. I’ve been going there a while, but doing the Power Flow (which is like hot Vinyasa) or FireFlow (not hot Vinyasa). Today, the signature class was all that was offered for the holiday, so I tried it.

The instructor Emily was lovely. Very nice voice, good instructions (some in Sanskrit, which I like and don’t hear much at Moksha) and was calm and chatty (but not too chatty). I definitely would practice with her again. I don’t usually say that much about the instructor, but I just really liked her vibe.

As for the practice, it was nice. As always, I was sweating crazily, got a little light-headed a few times, and felt like I was working hard…but also wondered how hard I’d be working if it wasn’t so hot! I think it would have been a decent solid practice, but nothing special or overly challenging without the heat.

Here is what we did (approximately):

Half moon (hot yoga style, not Hatha style), tree, runners lunge, warrior two, triangle, forward wide legged bend, crescent lunge, warrior 3, dancers, chair pose, chair on toes, twisted chair, eagle, tree, core work, locust, bow, camel, a flow of vinyasas, seated twist, pigeon, bridge. Broken up by some down dogs, child’s poses and shevasanas…and beginning and ending with shevasana as well.

After the class I decided to shower. The shower was clean and hot and there was multi-purpose (hair and body) cleanser provided. The cleanser seemed watery and my hair feels dirty now though…hopefully they’ll freshen it up!

Really, the cleanser was my only complaint. Of course I didn’t love the heat…but that’s not a complaint. It is what Moksha does and I’ll either get more used to it or eventually stop going to heated classes…which should be easier in the new year when Mysore starts there!


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