In with 2013!

2012 wasn’t so great; Totalled car. Anxiety issues. Too much death. Some horrid events worldwide. Sprained ankle and resulting drop-out of half marathon.

Some good stuff though; Discovered Astanga, then Mysore. Ran 2nd half marathon and fastest 10k yet. Kept off the weight I lost in 2010 for another year. A great summer trip. Another year of happiness and health in my home.

(Too tired and tipsy to add links to old content above…maybe in the morning)

My goals for 2013 are pretty simple…keep up the good stuff, and learn from my mistakes in some other areas.

Starting with a grain free January to get my healthy eating habits back on track…which is a bit of both of the above goals! I haven’t gained any weight…but if I keep up the last few weeks’ eating habits, I will, so it’s time to get back to eating better.



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