Yesterday I checked out Roots yoga tops, since I have been a bit unimpressed with Lulu’s offering lately…except the very expensive tops…and heard Roots activewear is good, and on deep discount.

Unfortunately, most of the tanks I liked were gone in my size, but I did score a Cable knit tank for 15$.
Looks cute and comfy, right? A bit loose and blowsy, with a strap to tighten. No bra attached, but that’s okay I have my own.

I wore it to Spynga today for spin and yoga. It was…okay. On the plus side, it was ver cool and comfy and did not flip over when I did a headstand. On the minus side, the loose fit combined with no attached bra to keep it in place let the straps and neckband shift around a lot…not a huge problem but certainly annoying enough to limit my use of it for working out to “when everything I like more is in the laundry”. That said, the fact that it is cute, comfy and well made inspires me to consider trying more Roots…and it will be a super cute tank for the spring. I think it’ll look great with skinny jeans or capris and a cardigan!


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