Another lulu fail

I bought the Free to Be tank from the Lululemon Boxing Day sale.

*It is a nice bright colour
*The fabric is cool and comfortable
*The back straps are very cute

*Like most of the current fitted Lulu tanks, if the bra fits me than the torso is too tight. See the line under my breasts in the picture? I couldn’t get the top to stop riding up like that. It is supposed to sit flat. Also the bottom was very wrinkly, and felt like it would flip in an inversion.
*I spilled water on it and a dark spot showed, and it lasted like 10 minutes! Not nice for something I intend to sweat in.
*It is very low cut. Not a big deal for me since I always need an extra sports bra anyways, but something for smaller breathes girls who may wear it without a bra to keep in mind.

I found the fit and wetness issue to be so annoying I didn’t even wear it for today’s practice.


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