Hot Yoga? Can I learn to love it? Mostly musing…

Ugh. I am struggling with Yoga related decisions. I am almost through with my class passes for Spynga and Yoga Tree…and then will be left with a monthly unlimited pass for Moksha. Of course, it is where I want to practice, because I love Ashtanga AND my Ashanga teacher and they are both there. He is there twice a week…at a time I can often (but not always, because it requires flexing my workday and somedays that just wont work) attend. His last 2 classes of the month at at a time I can almost never attend (5:30-7). There is also a Wednesday night Vinyasa flow class I love…that I can almost always attend. That is probably 8-10 classes a month I will go to…so it is worth it to get a $100 monthly pass. 10-12$ a class is a very good price!

But…what about all the other days? I am accustomed to practicing in a studio much more often, maybe 20 times a month. Because I like to get a lot of use out of my monthly passes, and because I like to get out of the house and practice Yoga with a teacher and a class…a lot.  The last month or so, since starting Moksha, I have also been going to Yoga Tree Monday nights (led Asthanga), and Spynga on Sundays (for a combo spin/Yoga class). This has worked out well for me. But now that I am done my Spynga classes and almost done my YT classes and on an unlimited Moksha pass (I started with classes), I don’t know what to do

Because…besides the 2-3 classes a week at Moksha I attend, the other classes are all hot. They have a not-hot studio there…but the schedule for the studio is not very full, and I am not sure if or when it will be. As for the heated classes, I just don’t like them. I have tried about 10 hot classes over the last few years (5 at Moksha). Some have been tolerable more than others…but I am yet to find one I really want to go to, or walked out thinking “I liked that, I really did” as opposed to “I liked the class…the teacher was nice….I didn’t vomit…but I was MISERABLY  HOT AND NEVER EVER WANT TO BE THAT HOT AGAIN”>>>that has been as good as it has gotten.

The other problem is the Sunday class (one of my favorite times to practice, while Zoe is at Hebrew school and I have time to spare between drop off and pick up) is at 9:30. Hebrew school drop-off time (and Adam takes Charlotte to swimming at the same time) so even if I wanted to do a Hot Class on on Sunday mornings…I cannot. I have always done 10am classes at this time.

I guess I have a few options now…none of them ideal:

1) Continue as I have. Go to Moksha for the classes I like on a monthly pass (which is worth it for the number of classes I’d attend there, whether or not I also go elsewhere) and buy passes for other studios (or at least one other Studio, likely Spynga since I enjoy spinning and the location is better for me). Not ideal due to the cost but otherwise works very well for me. But it is simply not reasonable for me to buy an unlimited class for one studio, and passes elsewhere. Nor is it reasonable for me to buy passes for 2-3 studios if I intend to be at one of them 2-3 times a week. I bought passes when I started at Moksha because I didn’t know my Mysore class was moving there , and I just wanted to check it out. But now that it has and I know I will be there 2-3 times as week, only an unlimited pass makes sense.

2) Go to Moksha for the classes I like, and do other things (run or elliptical or practice at home on Saturday mornings, free Lululemon Sunday morning classes, practice at home other times) when I am not there. Not ideal because, although it will work for me fitness wise, I prefer to do more classes…especially when I am paying for an unlimited month.

3) Go to Hot Yoga when I want to practice and it is the only option. Hope I learn to like it. Not ideal because, so far, I don’t like it.

Even though option 1 is what I would most enjoy…I will  likely do a combination of 2 and 3.  That is, try to go to a few more hot classes  in addition to my current non-heated Moksha classes, and do some other free stuff when I really cannot (due to schedule or desire) take a Hot class.

Any of my readers ever learn to like Hot Yoga…after disliking it? Is it possible? I would really like to like it…because there almost always seems to be a Hot class to go to!


4 thoughts on “Hot Yoga? Can I learn to love it? Mostly musing…

  1. Hrm, I have never not liked hot yoga – though there are classes I have certainly not loved. In particular with Moksha, I feel the teacher makes a huge difference to the class. Not sure which studio you’re at, but if Kelly or Lana have a class you can attend I definitely would suggest trying either of theirs (I think they both teach at St Clair West & Uptown, I’m not sure about the others).
    Sounds corny, but you could always use your next hot class as a way to challenge yourself – try to smile through the sweat and let go when you start getting extremely frustrated ;)
    Good luck no matter what you choose!

  2. I used to love hot yoga but now I don’t prefer it.

    For me, it’s not about being over-heated (I have an inability to heat myself naturally, so external heat is always welcome), but instead it’s more about how I don’t like the over-stretching sensations. I think non-heated yoga is safer, in general.

    Have you considered home practice? Your Ashtanga sequence should be coming along now, enough that you can practice at home to maintain or solidify all that’s happening in Mysore.

    • Sandy!!!!!

      I totally agree that non-heated yoga is safer and better anyways. I do not beloved the hype about hot yoga and think many heated classes would be boring without the heat.

      I’m certainly capable of doing my practice on my own, I have and enjoy it. The problem is my kids. They are up until around 10pm and it is hard to practice with them around. I have considered waking up early in the morning but they (the little one anyways) tends to wake whenever I do…and I also am just not good at waking earlier than 6 (which I’d have to). I can (with a sense if humour and openness to interruptions) practice yoga at home here and there for 30 minutes…but a regular Ashtanga practice (60-75 minutes for me) at home is not really something I can do with kids.

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