January, the second half

I am through the first 2 weeks of January and have stayed grain free. I have lost a couple pounds and feel like I’ve been eating better in general and hopefully reset the good eating habits I lost in December.

I plan to remain strictly wheat free for the rest of the month, and start reintroducing other grains like oats and a bit of rice (sushi).


2 thoughts on “January, the second half

  1. good for you for sticking to it!!! i had a really hard time with it while we were in Niagara Falls. I pretty much don’t eat bread anyway and have reduced my carb intake drastically . i figure grain in moderation (and any food really!) is definitely healthier than a carb loaded diet . my weakness is cereal at night but have really cut that out and feel better without it!

  2. Thanx. Dina! I don’t disagree grains, and anything else in moderation, is fine. I have found that avoiding grains (especially wheat) helps me eat more mindfully and better…even long after I go back onto grains-I feel like get addicted to bread and muffins and pasta when I eat these things too often but when I eliminate and then reduce them, I don’t crave them nearly as much. I think it is the more mindful eating habits (filling up on more nutrient dense things like fruits and veggies and nuts and cheese) the elimination creates that is good for me.

    I stopped snacking at night (unless I am at an event or socializing…but that is not often!) a long time ago. I actually stopped mostly because I get heartburn if I eat much of anything past 7pm….but it has certainly helped me maintain my weight.

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