Because I try to avoid pathologizing and making a big deal about a touch if illness, and don’t like to be sick…so I have simply ignored the fact that I have felt like ass since Monday. Achy and exhaust is the best way to described it…no fever, slightly stuffy nose, slightly sore throat, and ALWAYS TIRED.

Today I have to accept it, and skip both work and Yoga. Ugh…I hate skipping Yoga…but what’s a girl to do? I can practice at home (and probably will, gently) but I do not want to spread my germs at the studio.

I know, skipping Yoga seems like not a big deal…but it is to me…especially when it is Ashtanga. It really is. The only Ashtanga I can go to (reasonably close to home) is Mysore from 4-7pm twice a week. I work full time 9-5, and have 2 kids that need to be picked up by 6. So, that means I leave work early, taking no lunch break or using vacay time so I can attend. Due to the nature of my work, I cannot do this for every class. The last week of the month, he does led classes instead…they are 5:30-7…so I can NEVER go to those due to daycare pick-up. So when I can go to every two classes a week (and usually I cannot)…it is only 6-8 classes a month. Those that practice Ashtanga know this is nowhere near ideal..but it is the best I can do given my work and parenting commitments. Practicing at home is very difficult with my kids, plus I need assists! Again, I am not saying I should go if I shouldn’t…just explaining why  missing class is a big deal to me (yes, I will schedule social events around Ashtanga). I am very committed to my practice and jump through hoops to make it happen…so missing a class really upsets me.


2 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Aw I feel for you! I was just looking at mysore today but am completely intimidated :/
    Have a good gentle practice at home, I hope you feel better soon and don’t succumb completely to whatever is going around!

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