small update

I know, I haven’t been around. What can I say? I am still recovering somewhat from being sick last week . It is down to sniffles now…but as recently as yesterday I was still feeling weak and crappy on and off.

So, what is new. Ummm….we had Lotte’s 4th birthday party last weekend. It was at Hop Hop Jump and a great time was had by all! I highly recommend this spot for local readers looking for a fun play place or party venue. The kids all loved it! Pics from the party:

I’ve been taking it easy with cardio, but am back on track with Yoga. I went to my third Hot Moksha class on Monday. I still dont love it (the class or the heat) but I love the teacher and didn’t have any other class to go to that night…and figure since I do belong to Moksha which is primarily Hot Yoga, it is good for me to suck it up on occasion when I really want to get out and practice and that is all there is. I am getting better with the heat…but would still far prefer a non-heated Asthanga, Vinyasa or Hatha class!

In Vinyasa last night, I really really hurt my foot. I was going from three legged dog to pigeon (something that is normally second nature for me) and somehow lost my perception and slammed the side of my foot into my Mat so hard the teacher heard it and came over to check on me. It was achy but okay, then this morning it hurt so much I was scared I’d broken a bone. I left work early to go get it checked out..not broken just bruised…so I took some Advil and hit Mysore…but was careful with my foot.

There were a few less students there today, so my teacher gave me loads of adjustments (since moving to Moksha the class has been so full of new students requiring attention and directions that adjustments for us more experienced students have decreased a bit, which I totally understand). I thought I missed all the adjustments…but eek…he made me work hard and I bet I will have some Ashtanga bruises tomorrow. In good news, I am now consistently binding in Mariachiasana B (remember when it alluded me? It’s my bitch now) and am getting closer in D (with his help, of course!). Today I realized that I really have to shove my tummy out of the way to twist far enough…which I knew…but I did it more than ever today. It really helped, but it was also uncomfortable, and I have to admit the thought “if I was thinner and had a flatter tummy this would be easier” came to mind and made me sad…because I am pretty sure I do not have the willpower to get much thinner or flatter tummied…and really, except for how much easier some things in yoga would be….I don’t even want to. I am happy with how my body looks and feels. But I see how near-effortlessly some students who are slim and long-limbed twist and bind (really, last week a brand new student who had never tried Mary B or D before was able to do them!)…and I admit that it makes me sad and envious.

I made a funny video the other day. It wasn’t meant to be…but it was…because I decided at the last minute to jump back and didn’t realize the dress up box was too close. I also chose to leave the original sound (It always sounds like this when I practice at home…but I usually cover it with music)

Oh well. It’s bedtime.

Oh, remember these. Yeah. Got them. Great deal…I’ll try to be good and save them for next fall. Mostly.


2 thoughts on “small update

  1. Flat tummies can’t fit many cookies inside. With more real estate, one can properly experience eating a box of cookies.

    And yes you can quote me on that!

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