When it rains….

I was getting some much needed cardio tonight when this happened:

I was not hurt, luckily. That is the only good thing I can say. After driving over a median last week and doing almost $2000 damage to my car (and needing a rental) I do not have any money to spare right now on a new machine.

It is winter. In Toronto. I cannot run much.

I just joined Moksha and certain cannot afford to join somewhere with cardio (like Spynga) as well. I’m committed to Moksha for 4 months. Also, I love it. I’m even learning to almost tolerate the heat.

So. I guess I’ll be dancing for Cardio. Until my Wii breaks.

This stuff…the car and elliptical…isn’t even all that’s wrong right now (although the other stuff I’m dealing with is not my fault and not financial…but still a very stressful and upsetting and overwhelming work issue).

In other news, I was supposed to go on a Yoga retreat in May. I was so so so excited. But at $400 I guess that’s not happening now.

Sigh. So far 2013 is not so awesome.

At least my girls are:



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