Pity party

1. Adam is working Saturdays. I hate that. It sucks to work all week, only to start the weekend off on my own with two fighting kids to occupy.

2. Work is crazy busy. and stressful.

3. Valentine’s Day sucked. My Mother in law was going to babysit so we could go for dinner, but was too tired and cancelled. At 7pm. After the kids had dinner and there was nothing left for us to eat.  Adam ended up going out to get us Sushi, but by the time he got back it was well after 8, I didn’t care anymore, and all it did was give me heartburn all night. No, I didn’t get a present. Not that I expected one, not that we ever do them…but it still would have been nice. Especially since my husband knows how hard the last few weeks have been on me and how much they have sucked, although he has shown zero indication being aware of this.

4. It is too cold and slippery out to run. My elliptical has not been replaced. Anything I have looked at on Craigslist and Kijiji has been a bust, and after my car repairs it seems to expensive to buy something new. Life without cardio, however, it not good for me. I need my endorphin rush and even though I have been practicing Yoga everyday, it is not the same. I feel sluggish and depressed.

5. I’ve been sleeping badly. I have been having some back pain that my chiro blames on my sleep position, and he has directed me how I should be sleeping. But I don’t like it, and wake often…usually back in the wrong position, and then have to reposition myself and fall back asleep.

6. I hate facebook. It appears that everyone else but me is having fun Valentine Days, and going on vacations.



One thought on “Pity party

  1. Here here to a pity party once in a while! I feel like Tumblr, FB, Twitter just fuel some insane jealous rage in me latelty.. time to take some time off I think. I’m blaming all this on winter. Until we make it to the other side – I heartily join you in this party!

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