Good Stuff!

1. I got this yesterday:

Yup. A spin bike. So happy. after failing at finding a new exercise machine on Craiglist or Kijiji, I went to I wanted to stay under the $200 mark. I finally settled on an upright with good reviews…but I wasn’t thrilled. I’d really wanted a spin bike, since I go (well, went, as recently as January) to spin classes and it is what I am accustomed to now. I also think that, as a runner who mostly does cardio at home to support my running, being able to get out of the saddle and take more of the work into the hamstrings and glutes is important to me since it more closely approximates running than seating riding does (I know, I should get a treadmill…but they are huge and expensive, and I like my at home cardio to give me a break from running while still supporting it). You cannot really do that in an upright bike, but all the spin bikes I found were $300 or more. After I told Adam about my purchase, he suggested I check out Fitness Depot, and after looking online I cancelled my amazon order and went on it. I was thrilled to grab this spin bike on sale for $198. It is not as smooth ruunning or adjustable as the ones at a class, obviously, but it fit me well. I did 30 minutes last night (utilizing my classes and throwing in jumps, triple 8s, seated and standing climbs, and sprints) and am glad to say that it gave me the sort of sweat inducing work out I am used to, and that after 2 weeks without Cardio I was still fine!

2. It’s Family Day, and Adam is home. We are going to the AGO soon. I’m feeling a tad under the weather, but ignoring it.

3. The work situation I am dealing with is settling down a little, and there is some positive news.



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