It’s Saturday morning

I am taking a few minutes, since I’ve gone a long time without posting (except a few recent pictures) and wanted to update.

Things are better. I’ve pushed the car repairs aside (in my head) and decided to go on the yoga retreat anyways.

The job issue (one if the kids I work with has cancer) is settling. Certainly it is still a long, sad and hard thing…but she (and by extension me) is through all the initial craziness of testing for spread (nope!!) and treatment planning, and treatment has started. The prognosis is much better than we first thought, and time makes it easier to accept and deal with this cruel blow.

I have had daily headaches for the last couple weeks, I am sure it is weather related…but they are receding a bit now.

I still love my new spin bike and am hopping on plenty. I’m registered for a 10k in May, so I’d better get running soon. Once the sidewalks are clear and dry and the weather is a tad warmer, I’ll get to it. I’m not that worried though. I’ve been running a few years now, it is no longer what it was to me and if I cannot run the entire thing or get the time I’d like (60 minutes) I can live with that.

I have started watching Downton Abbey online and love it! I wish Adam was interested. We watched 2 series together recently (Breakout Kings and House of Cards–which was so so so good) and I miss watching a show with him. Oh well, next one. I watch late…starting at 10-11pm. Ugh.

In spite of some good stuff, I am feeling very overwhelmed by life. The dishes and laundry cat little and workdays and cooking and needs of my kids never end. I do a not great job at keeping on top of these things and my home is a constant state of disaster. I repeatedly forget little things like school forms and printing things when I’m at the office and sending receipts to the insurance company and bringing my wallet with me to the supermarket and making sure we have milk. I am always on overdrive and my head feels like it cannot carry it all. Then I am trying to fit yoga and cardio into the mix. Sometimes I just stop and think to myself “what am I doing? I cannot do it all?”. But what choice do I have? I cannot give up work (and work is always very very busy these days) or home (already barely done) or parenting duties…and if I gave up yoga and fitness I might have more time, but my life (and health) would not be better!


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