Not me. My dress.

My clothing generally has a pretty high turnover rate, and I get rid of things easily.

There are exceptions though.

In 2007, after finally losing the baby weight from Zoe, I bought a wool blend sweater dress at Joe Fresh. I loved it, and wore it often, including New Years Eve:

I wore the dress, which was very stretchy, right through my pregnancy with Lotte (though as a top):

I continued to wear it during my fat period after Charlotte, here I am in November 2009, just as I decided it was time to get serious about my weight:

After I got in shape, I washed it in hot, threw it in the dryer, and continued to wear and love it (November 2010)

I have worn the dress often in the years since then. I love the length, fit and style…so I’ve been wearing that dress throughout fall and winter for 6 years now!!!

Until Thursday. When upon removal I noticed a hole in the underarm. A big hole on both sides of the seam that cannot easily be stitched. In addition, I realized it was badly badly pilled.

Good-bye cheap cute versatile Joe Fresh sweater dress. I’ll miss you!!!


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