Hair inspiration

I was looking through my FB newsfeed and saw this picture in my lovely friend’s timeline (yes, that is her hair! Bitch! I say that lovingly, of course!):


So pretty.

Sigh. Gorgeous. Of course I “liked” it. When I did, her hairdresser messaged me and invite me to check out his new salon, Zulf Hair Studio.

Wow. Really just wow. So many awesome and creative uses of colour. Here is another one I love:



Remember when I tried to do my own two tone hair? Yeah. Not so awesome.

I think for spring I will invest in something I haven’t done in a long time and pay to get my hair professionally coloured. I know I cannot get those looks (hello shortish stringy hair) but I’m sure the guy that did that can come up with something.

Maybe something like this (not the colours, but this sort of two-tone style)?


This one is also from Zulf

Or this?

I love this. Could I pull it off????

or even…this?

Okay…maybe not this.

Now if only I had the time! I feel so busy these days. Adam works late almost every night, and Saturdays. I have little time off and spend every free (as in not working, parenting, or doing household duties) moment exercising. Or watching Downton Abbey online…but that is usually at 11pm. Too late for a hair appointment. Sometimes I multi-task and watch TV, blog, read, or text while spinning. Think the hairdresser would make a trip to do my hair while I am on the bike? No? Okay.

Sigh. Maybe in the summer I’ll have the time. A girl can dream, right?!


2 thoughts on “Hair inspiration

    • Oh I probably am but I’m just getting older…so now is better than never! I am so over caring if I’m too old for things…as long as they don’t hurt anyone. I probably wouldn’t do anything quite as dramatic as what I posted (mostly because of the upkeep) but I really want to do something different than all one colour or traditional highlights!

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