It didn’t seem so cold out tonight…but it was. Even so, I got out there and ran 5k in 32 chilly minutes. It was my first run in several weeks, and my 5th run this year. So, I haven’t ran much at all since October. But it’s time to get back to it.

Because. This year on Mother’s Day morning, instead of having breakfast in bed, I will be running in the Sporting Life 10k! (Okay I probably already shared that here. But since then, something has happened to make it even more meaningful). This race supports Camp Oochigeas.

You see, since the beginning of February, I have spent a bit (ok, a lot) too much time recently at the HCS Oncology unit. This has been with a 16 year old girl I work with who is currently in the middle of treatment for a kind of bone cancer. As difficult as this has been for us all, (especially this amazing young woman) it has been a pleasure to meet the dedicated Camp Ooch people who have visited her every day she has spent on that 8th floor. They not not only run an incredible summer camp so kids with cancer can enjoy camp like so many other, healthier kids do…they also provide amazing support and recreation for kids fighting cancer every day all year round. Please support Camp Ooch by sponsoring me.


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