Bad news, then good

I have strep…bad…my tonsils are covered in white. Charlotte has it too, however except a fever and rash, she seems fine (she is happy, eating, not in pain). I got a referral for her to an ENT, because I am worried about the size of her tonsils, especially since she seems to have sleep apnea, and if they are gonna come out I want her to do it soon and not suffer with large and infection prone tonsils into adulthood.

It is my first bout with this in over a year (I had it last March break), which is amazing for me. The only other time I went this long was when I was off dairy. Odd that being off both dairy and off wheat (while back on dairy) seems to help my tonsil issues so much. Although I have not been fully wheat free in months, I have been reduced wheat (very rarely having full servings of bread, pasta, cake…etc…but eating the kids pizza crusts, or having a bite of cake at a party, or using a pinch of flour in souffles-stuff like that) for the past year. This past couple weeks though, have been bad. I knew Passover was coming and indulged a bit in preparation, and then ignored my Passover plan to avoid martzoh (which is just wheat and water) and instead have been having at least 1-2 slices a day. Bam…Tonsillitis!

So, except for sampling the salty toffee and chocolate matzoh I made today…I am on another wheat free month (starting tomorrow….most of April), and plan to strictly reduce afterwards. It seems so much better for my health, and I also seem less bloated (not actually thinner, but less puffy) and to have better digestion and less gas and heartburn when I reduce wheat.



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