This morning Charlotte was playing with Adam, and Zoe was at a friends. I had time to myself and 3 yoga classes I could attend. But I didn’t. I just wasn’t feeling it so instead I stayed home, read a book, and drank coffee. I felt a bit guilty for not going to yoga (or for a run in the rain, or a spin) when I could. Normally I always use such terms to practice or exercise, but I just didn’t feel like it. Between my own work, and Adam working late and Saturdays for tax season, and fitting in yoga and cardio, I’ve had very little time to just chill and do nothing recently. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed all the time since February. Also, I pay for an unlimited yoga membership…so I like to go to a lot of classes! Whatever though, sometimes I just need to do this. I go to yoga for me and it is my me time… But it still also feels like something that takes away from me time (of which I have so little right now), if that makes sense?

I decided to go to a restorative class in the afternoon instead of something more active in the morning. I’ve been checking out YogaSpace Thornhill lately as they have had some great grand opening specials (free classes in March, 30 days for 30$ in April), and I’ve heard they do great restorative yoga classes. I’ve never done restorative before, but I figured I’d give it a try. I definitely needed to relax more than work out today…I was very busy, stressed and sick last week.

The class, which was packed, was not really my thing. It was about 10 very supported poses, with loads of props, and each pose (including 2 schevasanas) was held 6-8 minutes. It took me a few poses to be able to slow my mind and chill, and I never fully relaxed (and I was tired and achy. I suspect it would be harder when I’m actually feeling well and energetic). Also being on my back so much irritated my heartburn.

That said, for people that like restorative yoga (and loads of people do), I would definitely recommend the restorative team class at YogaSpace. I think it was a very good practice, even though it was not my thing. What was great, besides the poses and props which I assume are pretty typical, was that it was led by a team of five instructors that walk around adjusting people and props as required, which was very nice and meant everybody got a lot of attention and some nice shoulder massages. I think I was adjusted about 20 times. A few times I had to sit up because of heartburn, and someone was right by my side to help me and get me into a better position.

I should add I really like YogaSpace. I’ve done a few vinyasa classes there and thoroughly enjoyed them, and the space is very nice and friendly. I don’t plan to leave Moksha, mostly because my awesome Ashtanga teacher is there and also because the weekday schedule (which may change) is not great for me…but I do plan to grab classes at YogaSpace whenever there is a good promotion. I definitely recommend anybody local check it out!


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