Something fishy

It is my honest belief that the current trend towards fishnet and patterned tights is the best thing to happen to fashion since skinny jeans!

I love the way they bridge the gap between tights and bare legs. Skirts and dresses are easy to wear in the winter, with tights or leggings. They’re easy to wear in late spring and summer, with their legs. Earlier spring and fall are a problem; often tights are too hot and thick, and in spring it is not a look I want at all however it is still too cool for bare legs.

In the past, pantyhose were perfect for this time of year…but at some point they became declared unfashionable. Now nobody wears them, except royalty and people who qualify for seniors discounts (which is a shame because nude pantyhose are very flattering!). Royalty makes pantyhose rock…but the trend still hasn’t come back down to the masses! But fishnet stockings and patterned stockings have. Perfect. The open patterns create more airflow and less of a thick opaque look than thick tights…but still provide enough coverage to avoid bare legs before one is ready!

Be careful how you wear them though…I think they generally do not look good with patterns, unless the pattern you’re wearing them with is quite discrete and coordinates. Generally, it works better with solids. Also, it can look a bit…um…showy with a really short skirt. A bit of pattern or fishnet showing along the calf and knee is great though. I love the look of fishnet or pattern poking out between a knee-length skirt and calf boots! Yesterday, I wore fishnets with a skirt and pumps for court.



I changed from the high-ish heels to low wedge boots after court, to protect my running ankles…but didn’t get a picture of that.


2 thoughts on “Something fishy

  1. funny they are in style now… i have had a pair in an unopened package I bought about 4 years ago from Winners for under $5!! .. maybe i’ll pull them out and wear them

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