T dress and tights

Have you heard? Target is in Canada now! I went a few weeks ago, I wasn’t very impressed. I mean, it was fine, nothing special.

I did pick up this cute pair of pattern tights for $10!

I’m wearing them with red boots, a black T-shirt dress from H&M, and the blue sweater from The Gap. I think it’s kind of springy… even though I’m wearing boots. They are red afterall!

I would like to add that when I first bought the dress three years ago, I bought it in an extra large. I wore the shit out of it. So much that last spring I had to buy it again, in a size large. I have again worn the shit out of it, and it’s about ready to go to the charity bag. A couple weeks ago I went back to H&M, they are still selling the same T-shirt dress (15$). Now, I have a medium. Sweet.

I have to sing the praises of the H&M T-shirt dress! This is the perfect dress. It is perfect in the winter, as a layering piece with button up cardigans and opaque tights. It is perfect in the spring and fall, with lighter tights or bare legs, and open cardigans. It is perfect over jeans or leggings, since it is fitted enough to scrunch up a little bit and wear it as a butt-covering T. It is perfect in the summer all on its own. It can be dressed up, with jewelry and high heels, or dressed down with flip-flops. It works great over a bathing suit, and in a pinch…it makes a comfortable nighty. I’ve tried other teacher dresses, but this H&M one is my absolute favorite! That’s scoop neckline comes to the perfect spot, and the length is just perfect too. The material has enough stretch to keep its shape all day, but enough give that it is not skin tight! I tried a similar one from Old Navy…by the end of the day is look like I was wearing a loose and hangy nightgown!

Here are pics with and without the Urban Outfitters scarf:


It is a long established fact that I love scarfs. You may see some new looks though, thanx to this fantastic video:


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