First race of 2013!

I kicked off Mother’s Day running The Sporting Life 10k with Gaviesgal this morning.

The bad new was, after running this route in 60:23 last year…it was 64:38 this year. I was sorta hoping for an hour or less…although I also knew, based on my (not very many) training runs it was unlikely. I think last year was a fluke because I was already far enough into half marathon training that it was a step back week. This year, it was my longest run since last September.

More good news than bad though. After walking at least a little bit in almost all my races last year (mostly due to foot issues, and a bit of burnout), I ran this whole race and feel great about that. I don’t mind walking in races the way I did when I first started running, but it is stil a nice feeling of accomplishment to get through a race without it!

I ran with GG the first 8k or so, which was nice. I’ve never ran with someone before for longer than the first kilometer or so. She sis awesome, we kept pace together pretty well (which is cool since we have not run together in a long time) and finished very shortly after me.

I had no ankle pain or weakness, and my feet did not bother me (except numb from the cold, but not the ball of foot pain that plagued me all of last running season) at all. My hip was achy when I started but fine after I warmed up.

I had fun! It was a really nice run. Freezing before and after…but cool, crisp and sunny for much of the running.

Here is the crowd. It was packed, 27 000 runners:

Us before:

And after:
And a random girl at Starbucks (not a runner) who really needed to work in her definition of “pants”:


2 thoughts on “First race of 2013!

    • I know. I have definitely loosened my standards for shorter tops and tighter pants somewhat over the years (I used to only wear actual dresses or knee length tunics with leggings and skinny pants…now I’ll wear hip length tops with leggings and almost any top with skinny jeans) but if the outline of the butt is visible? Eek!!!

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