I wanna go back!

So you know how I have always said that pattern jeans look bad on me (maybe I’ve never said it here….but I’ve said it!)? Well yesterday I went to the Ex-toggery to look for jeans, because all of my dark blue skinny jeans are falling apart. That’s okay, I have had them all for 2 to 3 years and I’m wearing them to death! I keep rotating the same three pairs (2 Mavi Alexa, 1 Paige verdugo. They are still fine for weekends, but getting pretty worn for work)!

Anyways, I noticed these jeans in my size. They’re by 7 for all mankind, which is a popular premium brand! They were new with tags, for $90


They looked and felt awesome! I really liked them, but in the end I did not buy them because I’m not sure I wanted to spend that kind of money on patterned jeans. If they were dark blue jeans, I definitely would’ve spent $90 on a pair that still had tags, in my size, from such a great brand. I know I would wear the shit out of them and after a few years of wondering, I am pretty sure that skinny jeans are here to stay.

But I feel like pattern jeans are the kind of thing that could be trendy one year, and look absolutely ridiculous the next. Since I did not tend to wear long pants during the summer, if these only really work for me this spring…that will be like a month’s wear for my 90 bucks. Usually by mid June, I am done with pants and only wearing bare legs.

I am having remorse though… I wish I had bought them. Of course I can go back and look for them, but it is not very close to home nor is it somewhere that I go often, and I am still not sure if I should spend that kind of money on floral jeans. But damn, they were cute!

Oh well, maybe I can find something similar for less money at Old Navy or something. I shall try!

update (before posting). Just grabbed these for 17$ at Old Navy online…we shall see!



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