Over recent months I have really started to enjoy the look of brighter lip colour (as opposed to the near nude mauves, beiges and light-berry tinted glosses that I have favored for years). I really love how they brighten me and make me look made up even with minimal makeup (if I’m wearing dramatic eye colour, I go back to neutral lips).

What I don’t like is the upkeep. The way they wear off and give my lips a messy half coloured look as opposed the natural inoffensive way that neutrals and glosses wear away. I have bought some very expensive lip-sticks (Dior!) And although some of them are better than others I haven’t been able to find one that really satisfied me with its ability to stay on and not look messy after an hour.

Until last weekend. I was browsing and Shoppers Drug Mart and saw that L’Oreal infallible lip-stick was on sale for $6.99. I decided to buy a red one…I’ve wanted a real red lipstick for a long time now! I got Ravishing Red. It is very bright and will take me a while to get comfortable with the color, but I am very impressed with the staying power. I tried it on the store and walked around for half an hour before I bought it. Since then I have only worn once or twice, but both times I ended up wiping it off because I felt like it was too bright, not because it was coming off. Hopefully I will get used to it soon. I do think it looks nice! Maybe I need a date to wear it to!


The success of Ravishing Red led me to seek out another more wearable shade, so I went with Eternal Rose…pretty neutral (but not nude) pink. Here it is 2 hours after I applied it (and drank coffee). Yes, I’m multitasking in this pic:


Okay realize both this pics make me look a but…off…so just focus on the lips, k???





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