Can I rock the boot?

A few weeks ago, while strolling in a mall with some friends, I noticed a woman wearing a shortish skirt and what can only be described as high, strappy, sandal-boots. Had someone described these items of footwear to me, I’m sure I would’ve been horrified. However, seeing them on this woman, I was really pretty impressed. It was quite an interesting look. It had the flattering look of boots, with an open summery twist!

So when I saw a similar pair at Winners today, I had to try them on. Unfortunately, I was wearing a long dress. The look was not the same, so in the picture I am hiking up the dress in a rather unflattering way. Focus on the thighs down, K?
Obviously, I did not buy them. I don’t think it is a look that would really go over well at work, and I just do not need hundred dollars shoes that I cannot wear to work. That said, I do think it is a pretty cute look, and would definitely like to do something like that when going out for dinner with friends or my husband! If I was a club goer or had a trendier job where they could be appreciated, I would have grabbed them!


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