Remember this? That’s right…I started wanting to get my hair done…by Shai…in March. Now, 4 months later, I made it.

I started out asking for fun fashion colours, like in that post. Shai was not supportive…he said they’d fade in 2 weeks and need a lot of upkeep. Fair enough, considering I haven’t been to the hairdresser since fall, to assume I am not up to the task of high upkeep colour. Also he would need to bleach my hair first and felt my hair was too fine to risk that damage. Again, fair enough. I’m growing out my hair and want to avoid extensive damage, and it is very fine.

He suggested all one colour, in a red shade.

I refused. Because, really…I can do that. I DO do that. I do it well. I am happy with my ability to do my hair all in one colour, in dark red…I know it is not salon quality but its good enough for me to not pay (and find the time) for him to do it.

Finally, I told him “do what you want, but make sure it’s different and fun”. The result:

Dark brownish red, with bright red highlights that he says will not fade as quickly as the fashion dyes will.

I love it! It is not what I had in mind, but it is perfect. A flattering natural colour (I haven’t have my hair this brown in years) with some fun accents!

He also chopped off about an inch, and styled it in a way I wish I was capable of…but I assume the colour will also look fine with my hair the way I can manage it!

In spite of our good natured disagreement that led to my pouty “do what you want”, I really liked Shai. He is friendly and personable, and really took my hair, lifestyle and preferences in account when coming up with look for me. The price was reasonable…what I expected base don past visits to the salon. Also…he is a doll and if I was a few years younger and a bit less married I’d have a mad crush!

I’m going to try really really hard to keep going to him, I know finding a good stylist and sticking to them is the way to have awesome hair (I did it for 3 years a few years ago and was very pleased but I stopped when she starting jacking up my prices…I assume she thought I was one of those women who decided I could not live without my stylist and would just keep paying more and more for the same thing…wrong she overestimated my loyalty!)…however I know I am just as likely to dye over the whole thing with burgundy in a couple months! For now, I am going to enjoy my freshly cut and professionally coloured coif!

For the winter, I have my eye on this:


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