Elbow update

Mysore was fine, although I did use some modifications (basically anywhere I was supposed to grip/grab with my left hand, I just left it relaxed…because gripping hurts me…so I didn’t do any binds). I used my arms a lot for my vinyasas (which I did not modify) and back-bends, as well as some lifting, without issue. In great news…I started drop-backs with a wall last week, and my teacher wants to start me doing them to the floor. In not so great news…drop-backs make me want to vomit. I am not convinced he is aware of just how close I came to spewing my lunch all over him today.

In bad/weird news…even though I can practice yoga, and handstands (sorta), with tendinitis in my elbow and forearm….things such as opening my sunglass case, unhooking my bra, and grabbing a door handle can reduce me to tears. Irritated tendons are weird little assholes, aren’t they?


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