More pink on me

Last wednesday, I woke up with a sore elbow. I didn’t think much of it. It felt like when you sleep twisted weird and then something aches for a few hours, so I ASSumed that was it and popped some Advil. I even went to yoga Wednesday and Thursday, ignoring the twinge

By the weekend, I knew something was actually wrong, as the pain was worse, and radiating. It comes from the outside of my elbow. At rest there is a mild ache. The ache is more annoying when I bend or straighten my arm (during the action) and it is stiff when my arm is straight. It downright hurts when I lift anything heavyish (like a milk jug or heavy coffee mug or hold my iPhone up too high) It radiates along my forearm and wrist, And my right arm has started to feel achy too, because I have been using it for everything. All lifting, pushing and pulling heavy doors, everything. The injured elbow does not look bruised or swollen, though I vaguely remember banging it in the not too distant past.

I skipped yoga on Sunday, and yesterday I sucked it up and went to my beloved chiro. He has diagnosed me with tendinitis, did some fun (ouch) treatments and adjustments and laser, and has me taping and icing my forearm. Could take a few weeks to be back to normal.

In good news, I had thought he would not want me to practice yoga for a while, but he says to go ahead and, unless it makes things worse, continue as long as my arm is wrapped and I do the counter stretches and exercises he’s suggested later. Obviously, if I try something and discover that it hurts, I will have to modify. I have warned my teacher, so he can keep an eye on me and suggest modifications if I am having trouble with anything. I am a bit nervous about it, but I do plan to go to Mysore later today, and see what happens!

I present my newest accessory, KT tape…and straight red bangs! 20130709-111110.jpg


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