I am a wet mom

When we went to visit Zoe at camp this weekend, I noticed there were two kinds of moms there.

1) The (few) ones that got in their swim suits and played in the water with their kids. The wet moms.

2) The (many) ones that stayed well covered and sat talking to the other moms and watching the kids play with each other, the moms that were in the water, and the dads (almost all the dads were in the lake). The dry moms.

Guess which mom I was? That’s right…number 1. I was in my bikini, in the water…even getting my hair wet and jumping on the water trampoline (I think I was the only mom with wet hair, though I was glad to see a few others in bikinis).

When I came into the water,  one of my daughter’s friends looked at me and said, wide eyed, “You are gonna swim with us? My mom never does, she is too lazy”. I just said mildly that I love swimming, and then we proceeded to have races across the swimming section of the lake.

Now, don’t get me wrong..I know her mom. Her mom is not lazy…she is a hard working, and loving mother.


I am happy that my daughters will have memories of me getting in the water with them.

I am happy that they will remember that both mom and dad had participated in fun, active stuff with them.

I am happy that they will know that having fun with them was more important than avoiding wet hair or messed up cosmetics. That even though I am as “into” my looks as any other woman I know (and any reader of this blog knows)…there are times that having fun with my kids and for myself is simply more important than looking my best, no matter who sees it.

Besides the fact that I would rather have fun than sit on the sidelines watching others have fun, it is important that my daughters learn this message about us women: (and men too, but they don’t seem to have this issue as much…I have never hear a man say “but I’ll get my hair wet and my mascara will run”).  That how we feel is always more important than how we look.

Although I have always been a wet (no pun intended. well, maybe a little pun) mom, even at my largest, this is another reason I am so happy I finally did what it took to get and stay into shape. Because it gives me enough confidence to wear a swim-suit in front of people I know (not that it is easy, it is never easy…and even though I only have bikinis, I know I don’t have the typical smokin’ bikini body), and because it gives me the energy and stamina to keep up. I remember trying to get on a water trampoline about 3 years ago…I could not do it. The lifeguard had to drag me up! Yesterday (and last summer) I got up with ease, and jumped off without fear! This extends to skating, hiking, dancing at parties, and other active things I do with my kids…I am so glad I have the confidence and energy to do them!

P.s. on the “bad mom at visitors day side” of the spectrum…other parents brought coolers full of fresh food, piles of books, and new clothes for their kids. We brought 3 bags of chips (2 were from my parents), and a handful of hair ties (fine, they were my hair elastics, I brought for me…but gave them to her).


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