Weekends collage

Visited Zoë at camp Friday, and then spent the night and morning in beautiful Haliburton. I think the pics speak for themselves:

Btw, if you go to Haliburton, I have two places to recommend:

Lakeview motel: Nothing fancy, but the place is super clean, super friendly, there is a lovely heated outdoor pool, and for and extra 15$ a night you can get a room with a private outdoor hot-tub assigned (yes…we did!). The hot tubs are freshly emptied, sterilized and refilled between guests! Also the strip of shops and food is about 3k away…so an quick trip for treats!

Baked and Battered: This establishment has two sides…a bakery cafe (with Kawartha ice cream) and a fish fry. The food is beyond delish, and the fish, fries and many of the baked goods are gluten free! I must say I indulged a tad at the bakery, since baked goods I can (and want to! some GF stuff is vile) eat is a rare treat for me. I am not a fish and chip eater really…but it was super tasty!


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