July Topbox

Last week I received my third Topbox! yeah! I received a full-size jar of Cuccio Color nail polish in Jamaica me crazy, an 8gram jar of Belvada essential day cream, KMS dry xtreme hairspray, and MaskerAide Hydrating Facial sheet mask in Detox Diva.


As I have already mentioned, I do not really like getting skincare products. I like the skincare products I already use, I’m scared to try different things on my skin, and a lot of the skincare products they give are quite expensive and I am concerned that if I did fall in love with one I would have to keep trying! So, since this had two skincare products…one of them very expensive… It certainly was not my favorite Topbox yet!

I tried the lotion today:

The Belvada site says:

One Moment Essential Day Cream has been specially formulated to incorporate essential moisturizing and hydrating needs. Core ingredients, including Aloe Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, will ensure complete skin nourishment and protection from harmful elements, while promoting cell regeneration and smoothing out the appearance of existing wrinkles.

Pure 24k Gold flakes as well as Pearl Protein help stimulate blood flow, build up Amino Acids and add a healthy glow to the skin.

Instructions for use: Each jar comes with a small spatula. Take the spatula and remove three “pearls” from the jar with surrounding moisturizer. Mix in the palm of your hand until a creamy serum is produced and massage into face and neck in circular motions until fully absorbed. If more formula is needed repeat as necessary. To be used daily.

Okay then. Since I did not get a spatula with the tester, I used the back of a makeup brush. Also, the “pearls” on top were all mushed together, so I just grabbed a big blob, looked like this:

Well, I was not impressed. I smoothed it onto my face and neck and did not notice a difference in how I looked unless I looked very closely, and then I could see a slight shimmer that would definitely not  show through powder and cosmetics. Also, my skin felt tight and sticky. Since I was not happy with it on its own, I decided to cover it with my usual BB cream. Unfortunately, when I smoothed the BB on, the Belvada cream beneath started to come off in little glue like chunks all over my face. Obviously this was not the look I was going for, so I had to wash my face and start over. I don’t think I will be using any more of this very expensive cream! If you want to try it though…let me know and I will send it to you!

I also tried the nail polish today. Like the other Cuccio polish I have, it is fine. I don’t like the formula as much as some of the other (OPI and China Glaze) polishes I use, I find that it can to either be too thick or too thin, I find it hard to get just the right consistency for clean smooth layers-okay for toes but not fingers IMO. The color is fine. It is a cute grayish mauve that I’m perfectly happy with. I would not buy this color for myself and I am not in love with it, but it is perfectly fine for a change.



I have also tried the hairspray. I do not tend to use hairspray very much, but sometimes I will spray a little on the bottom layers of my hair to puff out of my whole look, when I feel like my hair is falling a bit flat. The hairspray worked perfectly fine for this, I like that dried very quickly and did not have a strong scent. I am not very picky with hairspray (though I hate one that is sticky or leaves visible droplets on my hair), but this one certainly met my expectations! KMS products usually do!

I have not used the mask yet and I’m not sure when I well, masks really scare me because they are on my face for a while. Even though I’m getting older and my skin needs more hydration than it used to, I am still not immune to breakouts…and try to avoid over-hydration! Still, I will try it and get back to you!


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