Never before worn, for good reason

A few summers ago, I blogged about the Athleta Nectar dress and that I wanted it. Eventually, I did get it.

When I first got it the summer of 2010, I did not like it, because the length was weird…a tad below the knees, and very unflattering. So that summer, it sat in my closet. For that and the next summer.

The summer of 2012, I finally had it hemmed. But then, I did not like the unflattering cut. The ruching on the belly looks good, but creates some odd lumps on my hips. Sonia remained in my closet, going in and out of the charity bag multiple times. Because it looks so good in pictures, it should look good on me!

Today, I tried it on, and in the light of early morning, thought it looked okay.


Now, I am not so sure. The weird hip lumps are still there. I know Spanx would help…but I refuse to wear such things. I find them so hot and uncomfortable, especially in the summer, I would rather wear items that don’t need such items, or deal with some lumps.

Oh well, one lumpy day wont kill me. At least I have good hair today!


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