Still good hair


I cannot believe I’m still wearing my hair down and curly, and liking it. Not only is it quick and easy…I really like how it looks, and it seems to minimize damage. When I got my hair cut I asked him to remove as little as possible but get all the damage. He only had to remove about 1/2 an inch!! I’m sure not blow-drying or ironing for several months helped with this (also in the months before I went curly, I was often putting my hair back while wet and only ironing the pieces around my face…I haven’t been regularly drying and/or ironing my hair in a long long time).

I have bought an arsenal of curly hair products to experiment, and had some very bad hair days in the process. Turns out products actually designed for curls leave my hair to crunchy, too frizzy, or too…just wrong!

What I have discovered works best:

1. I was my hair with Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner. Live Clean Exotic Nectars Argan Oil is my favourite. I only wash and condition every 2-3 days. In the middle, I just rinse it out thoroughly.

2. After washing or wetting and patting dry, I spray a leave-in through all my hair and comb through. L’Oréal Total Repair 5 (which I’ve used to detangle Zoe’s hair for years) is the best one I’ve found.

3. I lightly finger comb and scrunch to give my hair curl and texture, then let it air dry while I do the rest of my morning routine.

4. Right before I leave, when my hair is almost or fully dry, I scrunch a styling cream into the ends then smooth it over the top. After trying a bunch of different ones for curling and/or smoothing, I have re-discovered my old favourite…Frederick Fekkai glossing cream, does this best. Since it is too pricey to buy a second tube for the gym, my lower priced decent alternative is John Frieda Fizz-ease Secret Weapon Finishing Crème.


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