This week.

I’ve been quiet, mostly just puttering along. Some little updates:

1. Wednesday was cool enough for me to wear a scarf:

2. My last Mysore class was today. The studio is canceling it in September…but I won’t be able to go to daytime classes in August so I’m done now. It’s a shame…just having started drop-backs…but I’m glad I experienced it and it will be nice to no longer have to arrange my schedule to finish work a bit early for it…back to proper lunch breaks!

3. I’m moving to YogaSpace Thornhill. Since Moksha Thornhill will no longer have Mysore…I’d only be able to go once a week (Wednesday night non-heated Hatha 2-3). It’s not enough for me. I have given hot classes a really, really good try…but it has never really grown on me and unless I want to do hot, Moksha is no longer for me. YogaSpace has some weekend Vinyasa classes I love, and my Ashtanga teacher will be doing led primary there Thursday nights. Perfect, right?!? I will miss my “yoga friends”, who are all staying at Moksha (there will still be led Ashtanga there 3 times a week, but times I cannot attend and they often can. They also tolerate heat better than I do. I’ll probably buy class passes for the Wednesday night Hatha whenever there is a promotion or I run into a little extra cash (haha, never) though!

4. I’ve read some great books lately. Check out the list! Amity and Sorrow by Peggy Riley and The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty were both un-put-down-able, the the first was a much more somber and serious read than the second!

5. Adam and I are watching and loving Homeland after 2 seasons of The Killing. Both great shows.

6. My cat is fat:

Have a great weekend all!


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