China Glaze Flying dragon

Recently I was at Sally’s and they had a China Glaze sale. Buy two and get a free Seche Vite top coat. I like CG and love SV…so it seemed like a plan.

I loved the look for Flying Dragon in the bottle. A medium purple with pink and blue micro glitter. It was part of the neon collection, so I knew it would be matte, but that’s what top coat is for.

Unfortunately, it did not live up to expectations. Firstly, it was very streaky and took 3 coats to achieve coverage. Then, it dried not only matte but also very bumpy. Even 2 coats of top coat did not make it quite as smooth and shiny as I’d like…though it is acceptable. Except, that means 5 coats total…which means chipping. I did it last night and the tips are already peeling. Oh well…maybe it’ll be better for toes!



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