Yesterday’s bad hair day was just that, a day! My curls are working just fine today!

In remotely related news, this also happened today!

That’s right, I did the the girls’ tips in hot hot pink Manic Panic! I know a lot of people think it is weird that I would let my daughters (especially a 4 year old!) have coloured hair, but I don’t care. The first time I did it, I felt a bit weird about it… But now, whatever. I don’t get it anywhere close to their scalps or pour it down their throats, and it is just hair. Hair is already dead, and gets cut off! It’s not like it’s a tattooers something, or something that is going to impact the job prospects when they’re teenagers and young adults! It’s just fun! Anyway, the manic panic wears off in a couple weeks… So it’s not like they’ll be stuck with it forever. They are both thrilled!


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