Pretty for nails

I adore Orly nail polishes. Pretty colors, last forever. I don’t buy them often though, since I need to go to Sally’s for them.

A few months ago I noticed Quo (the Shoppers Drug Mart cosmetic line) had a line of polishes by Orly, and grabbed one on sale. I was happy, but at a regular price of $10.99 a bottle (more expensive than regular Orly, and a smaller bottle) I wasn’t stocking up.

Last weekend they had a bunch of these on sale for $2! Not even $2.99, but straight 2 bucks. I stocked up!


little miss sunshine, barely there, light my fire, in a trance, supercute

Currently I am sporting Supercute on my nails. A pretty pinkish lavender with fuchsia micro-glitter. It’s very…cute! Has lasted for days with no chipping. It did take 3 coats for full coverage though:

On my toes, Little Miss Sunshine. A few weeks ago I spotted a girl with a yellow pedi and thought it looked awesome. I wasn’t convinced it world work on me, but tucked the idea in my mind. When I saw this polish (sunny yellow with pink micro-glitter) I decided it was worth a try. I don’t love it…but it’s not awful. A fun look for sure even if its not the most flattering!






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