Should I cut or should I grow?

So I joined Naturally Curly a few days ago to learn more about how to manage my now curly hair. It seems I was already doing a modified Curl Girl Routine (Sulfate free products, lots of no shampoo washing) but some changes to silicone free products (added curl keeper and recoil) and styling that I learned there really helped my curls and waves get more defined and curly.


Now though, I’m not sure what to do about the length. Right now my hair goes about an inch and a half below my chin. It is the longest it has been in a long time. I am not sure if I should keep growing it or cut it, but this length does not work. I don’t have a length of curls down my back, nor do I have a cute bob of chin length curls. It’s just kind of, there! So readers, do you think I should keep growing my hair, or cut it so that it bounces up a bit more? I cannot cut it too short to put up in a ponytail, as I cannot run or practice yoga with my hair around my face at all.



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