Curly Girl Method Update

So the last time I used shampoo was Thursday.  Since then I have followed the Curly Girl routine like this:

1) “Co-wash” my hair with silicone free conditioner (Live Clean).
2) Squeeze out water.
3) Finger comb and scrunch curl keeper into my wet hair.
4) Pile hair on top of my head and wrap in a microfiber towel, let dry while I do my make-up.
5) Let hair down, finger comb and scrunch (right-side-up and upside-down) recoil into my hair.
6) Let dry fully.
7) Scrunch and fluff out the crunch when my hair is dry.

I have been happy with it, but today the roots are looking a bit greasy:

I think tomorrow morning I will do a sulfate free shampoo wash and see if it helps the roots, while maintaining the curls.  I will probably have to work up to no shampoo or once a week shampoo…twice a week (every 3-4 days I guess) seems like progress though! I have 2 weeks off work, hopefully by the time I return, my hair will be great!

P.S. I decided to grow it. It seems to grow so much better now that I do not use heat on it or style it roughly…so why ot go for it? I can cut it anytime, but once I do, growing it is done for a while…so I will keep tolerating this “in-between” length and go for it.



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