Paddle-board and other cottagy stuff

This past weekend we went to my brother and sister in laws’ cottage. I sorta didn’t want to go, only because the 3-hour drive for 2 days/1 night seemed long (and it was), but I’m glad we did go because we had a wonderful time with them and our 3 awesome nieces!

We did loads of swimming, table making, game playing, camp-firing, rope ladder climbing, canoeing, good eating (they are amazing cooks, even on limited resources) and relaxing. I made a little collage:

The highlight of the weekend, though, was the paddleboard. Both kids loved it:


I also really enjoyed the paddleboard and took it for a few 20-30 minute paddles from their cottage to the beach and back (which felt like a good workout.) But more than that, I had loads of fun trying out some paddleboard or SUP yoga (yes, that’s a thing). Adam got some great pics on Saturday:





Sunday he got one sad fuzzy pic of CROW. That’s right…an arm balance while balancing on a paddleboard! It’s not a great pic, but I’m proud of it!

Even though playing around on the paddleboard was both fun and challenging, I don’t think if ever get into SUP yoga. Like other novelty yogas…with weights, arial, acro, etc…it’s fun to try but I feel like it doesn’t allow me the ability to really focus on form, breath and flow that I crave in my yoga practice!

I did take some time with my mat Sunday morning for half primary though!


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